Derby Rules

Slim’s Fishing Derby Official Derby Rules

All current state laws, rules, and regulations apply, regardless of what is or is not stated in these Derby rules.

Registration tickets will be available online until Noon the first day of the derby.  Registration will be available in the office between 6:00am and Noon on the first day of the derby.   Registrations are non-transferable.

For Ice Fishing Derbies, children 15 and under are free to enter the Children’s category.  Children under 16 are not eligible for door or grand prize drawings (when applicable), unless they have registered and purchased a ticket.  If a child under 16 has purchased a registration ticket for the event, they may enter a fish into the kids category or one of the adult categories, but not both, depending on species, where applicable.

When offered, the Children’s Lifetime Fishing License prize will be awarded to a verified resident of the State of Maine only.  At the Derby Committee discretion, the cash value of the prize may be awarded to a verified non-Maine resident should they win this prize.

Weigh stations open as advertised for each event, and will close promptly at the designated time. Winning fish will be ranked by weight.  First tiebreaker will be longest length.  Second tiebreaker will be earliest time weighed. When fish are weighed, they are to be free of ice, snow, dirt and debris.  Any visible tackle or visible bait must be removed prior to weighing. Registration ticket or receipt must be presented when weighing a fish.  Derby Committee have final approval of registered fish and reserve the right to inspect, dissect or exclude any fish.

Grand Prizes will be drawn at closing on the last day of the derby, when applicable. Registration ticket must be presented to claim any prize. If prize winners fail to claim their prize, or cannot be contacted, within two weeks after the close of the derby, the prize will be forfeit to the Fishing Derby Committee.

By entering this derby, you give permission to use of any photographs taken at the derby for promotion and advertising purposes.

To help ensure the safety of all participants, the Derby Committee reserves the right to close or cancel the derby event at any time for any reason. Refunds will be provided at the discretion of the Derby Committee, and only to the registrant with return of validated original ticket.

All fishing is done at own risk.  The Slim’s Fishing Derby Committee and the Deer Isle Fireman’s Association are not liable for any injury or loss of life or property due to thin ice or theft.  By entering the event, you accept responsibility for your own safety and the knowledge of your surroundings.  Responsibly store and secure your personal belongings.

-Updated 12/27/2020

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